Cover of Kirameki Magazine, Gothic & Lolita issue, April 2015

Inside spreads of Kirameki Magazine, Gothic & Lolita issue, April 2015

Cover of Gothesque Magazine, Issue 20, January 2015.

inside spreads of Gothesque Magazine, Issue 20, January 2015.

SFGate, March 19, 2016

Viz Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump Cosplay Feature, October 2016

Rebelicious Magazine, Issue 36, August 2015.

Photographer: Yellow Bubbles Photography

Crown/Wardrobe/Makeup: Spoiled Cherry

Gothesque Magazine, Volume 1, November 2015

Photographer, Sets, and Lighting: Sweet Light Studios

Model/Makeup/Designer/Cosplayer: Carmilla Jo

Giuseppina Magazine, Issue 19.1, pg 19-26

June 2014

Editorial Title: Weeping Brook

Photographer/Set Stylist: Terrence Taylor
Makeup Artist/Stylist: Tamara Locke – Makeup Artist and Hairstylist
Model: Carmilla Jo

Gilded Magazine, Issue 3.2, May 2015

Editorial Title: Weeping Brook

Photographer: Terrence Taylor
MUAH: Tamara Locke
Jewelry: Ghostlove
Chainmail: Pendragon Chainmail and Jacob Rex

Kirameki Mag, Vol. 3, November 2013, Part II

Editorial: “Without the Mask”

Photographer: Terrence Taylor
Model: Carmilla Jo
MUHA: Tamara Locke
Latex: Roogee Craft
Flower Collar: Creepyyeha

Gothesque Magazine, Issue 15, August 2014; Photographer: Terrence Taylor; MUHA/Stylist: Tamara Locke.

Darkfaery Subculture Magazine Cover and Feature, March 2014

Photographer: Terrence Taylor
Makeup Artist: Terry Alabata
Designer/Stylist: Prince Noir
Model: Carmilla Jo

VEUX Magazine, Issue 17, April 2014

Photographer: 林憲國
MUHA/Wardrobe Stylist/Designer: Nikki Zhang
Model: Carmilla Jo

Gothesque Magazine, issue #1,

Photographer: Yellow Bubbles Photography,
Makeup/Designer: Spoiled Cherry- creations by Amber- CherryBomb

Kirameki Mag, Issue #4, January 2014

Editorial: “Rejuvenate”

Photographer/Stylist: Terrence Taylor
MUHA: Tamara Locke

Inside Shock Magazine, Issue #4, pg. 78-9

Interview with Gothesque Magazie, Issue 13, June 2014

Editorial: Winds in the East, Mist Coming In

Photographer: Terrence Taylor
Makeup artist: Tamara Locke
Model/Stylist: Carmilla Jo

Kirameki Mag, Issue 9.1, June 2014

Editorial Title: Unknown Intentions

Photographer: Emily Nguyen
Makeup/Hair: Tamara Locke
Models/Stylist: Carmilla Jo, Darren Kane


Magazines I have been published in.